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when a case of rape is reported, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe it is necessary for the police to question the alleged perpetrators without delay;

when a case of rape is reported, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe it is necessary for the police immediately to search the homes of those named for corroborative evidence;

when a case of rape is reported, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe it is necessary to seize and examine the computers of those named at the earliest opportunity;

when allegations of rape are supported by evidence from well-respected medical and psychological experts who unanimously confirm not only that systematic abuse has taken place, but go so far as to name two of the most likely perpetrators, you, as representative of the Crown Office, believe it right to dismiss their testimony and allow those named to leave the country;

when a school doctor twice reports an under-age girl to be at risk, and that girl’s headmaster - one of those subsequently named as a serial rapist - consistently fails to alert the child’s mother or to take any steps to protect her, you, as representative of the Crown Office, believe this to be the normal behaviour of a responsible, and guiltless, person;

when a case of rape is reported by a girl with speech difficulties, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe it is necessary to supply her with support during police interviews, but are happy to use her handicap, in this respect, to discredit her spoken evidence;

when a case of repeated multiple gang rape over many years is reported by a young girl who also names seven fellow victims, you, as representative of the Crown Office, do not believe that, in view of the Scottish law regarding corroboration, it is absolutely essential that the police question those she has named immediately.

When an acknowledged victim of rape receives a substantial award from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, you, as representative of the Crown Office, feel justified in continuing to maintain that the allegations on which this award was based were fully investigated and found to be false.


The document produced by the Police Complaints Commission for Scotland included the lines. "The position, as far as I can determine it, is that there seems a sufficiency of evidence to accept, on the balance of probability, that X was sexually abused, and that this has included penetration of her private parts. Given that X, because of her disabilities, has been closely supervised throughout her life, the perpetrator is most likely to have been someone close to her who had regular, unsupervised access.”


Re Alex Salmond's non-compliance with the Information Commissioner until threatened with criminal proceedings: in Scotland's only independent law magazine, The Firm, 11 July 2011, we read: 'Last month the Scottish Ministers were compelled by the Information Commissioner to address a series of questions put to the First Minister in correspondence in relation to the (Hollie Greig) case in January this year, the first of which was: “When did you first become aware of the allegations made by Hollie Greig about her being abused by members of a high-ranking paedophile ring in Scotland?” The commissioner required the Scottish Ministers to respond by today’s date or risk being held in contempt of court.' A letter to Robert Green from the Information Commissioner dated 10 April 2014 states: 'I am writing in response to your letter of 6 April 2014 ... in which you asked for the date on which the Commissioner issued the decision referenced in the Firm Magazine's articles. The Commissioner's decision was issued on 26 May 2011.' It was not until they were under threat of criminal proceedings that the First Minister's Office came up with an answer, saying it was impossible to give a date, since all the relevant records had been lost. However, the magazine goes on to say, 'The Firm has seen correspondence from the Crown Office dated 23 July 2009 addressed to the Greig family’s lay representative Robert Green, which suggests that correspondence addressed to the First Minister outlining the allegations was received over two years ago.' Re the likely validity of Hollie Greig's claims, The Firm writes, 'Greig received a payout of £13,500 from the criminal injuries compensation authority, and was described by Detective Inspector Iain Allen of Grampian Police as “a truthful witness to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim.” ' Ample expert witness statements from respected police and medical professionals, including Hollie's school doctor, back up her allegations. Of 22 persons named by Hollie as abusers, only two (her father and her brother) have ever been even superficially questioned by the police. Even though her father and brother were described in a police report as having 'a predilection for very young girls', they were allowed to go abroad to Portugal, where they run a business connected called 'Daisy Chain' which involves frequent travel to and from South America. The implication of the Crown Office's claim that 'a thorough investigation has taken place' is, therefore, that a thorough investigation does not require those accused by an acknowledged victim to be interrogated, nor does it require their computers to be seized or their homes searched before despoliation of evidence occurs.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Ireland's top judge is worried about the country's reputation

Ireland's top judge is worried about the country's reputation

It’s all down to the lack of a judicial council.

Image: Sasko Lazarov
IRELAND’S REPUTATION IS at risk because of the lack of a judicial council, the country’s top judge has said.
The Honourable Mrs Justice Denham has issued a “statement of concern” regarding Ireland’s reputation as the beginning of a new legal year for the country.
She says in the statement that an issue of “real concern” is the lack of a Judicial Council in Ireland, which she describes as “significant institutional vacuum”.
A judicial council would help to maintain and promote “excellence in the exercise by judges of their judicial functions”.
The membership of the council would consist of the Chief Justice and ordinary judges of the Supreme Court; and the Presidents of the High Court, Circuit Court and District Court and ordinary judges of those courts.
Separation of powers
Mrs Justice Denham said that the council is something that has been advocated for for two decades, and it is a “necessary element of the infrastructure of a modern democratic State, providing an important safeguard of the separation of powers”.
In 1996, the idea of a council was mooted by that year’s Report of the Constitution Review Group.
Denham pointed out that the Programme for Partnership Government doesn’t contain a provision for a Judicial Council Bill.
However, the Judicial Council Bill is described as ‘heads approved, drafting at an advanced stage’ under the list of programme of legislation in the current session of the government.
Denham said that the fact the bill is listed under “all other legislation” means that it has been demoted.
The failure to progress this institutional reform with the urgency it deserves weighs heavily, both on relations between the Judiciary and the Executive, and on the State’s reputation internationally, as a modern democracy governed by the rule of law.
The absence of such an institution – by whatever name it may be called – sets Ireland apart from the overwhelming majority of EU Member States, as well as leading common law jurisdictions such as the United States, Canada and Australia.
She noted that the absence of a judicial council has even been remarked upon by the United Nations, which recommended that the government would:
Expedite the enactment of legislation to allow for the statutory establishment of the Judicial Council, providing it with adequate financial and human resources.
In addition, the Group of States Against Corruption (Greco), which is a body established by the Council of Europe, advocated the establishment of a Judicial Council in Ireland. It recommended that the current system for selection and appointment of judges be reviewed and that a code of conduct for judges be formally established.
It said that Ireland should report back within 18 months, but this timeframe was then extended. There were five recommendations by the Greco, and Denham said three of them would be met by the establishment of a Judicial Council.
“It is clear that there is an expectation that the State will take the GRECO recommendations seriously and implement them accordingly,” said Denham.
She noted that the mandatory nature of the rules regarding members of Greco “has obvious ramifications for Ireland”.
Denham concluded that:
In face of the strong consensus in Ireland and internationally as to the need for the establishment of a Judicial Council and legislation for a judicial conduct regime, it is therefore a matter of the most real concern to observe what would appear to be a distinct loss of momentum in delivering this historic institutional reform.

Read: Judge accuses mother of abuse for failing to send her daughter to school for hundreds of days>


Public Money Should Not Support Pornography in Any Form
For the attention to Ms Fiona Hyslop MSP,
Dear Ms Hyslop MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs
I write to you in regard to the Scottish Queer International Film Festival’s (SQIFF) showing of pornography and question why public funds are being used for such an event.
Creative Scotland receives over £44 million from the Scottish Government, and has used some of this money to fund SQIFF.
As Rhoda Grant MSP has asked: “If the Government are clear that sexual exploitation and pornography are linked to violence against women why is the public purse funding it?”
I wish to remind you that the pornography industry is deeply exploitative industry, it damages the individual and his/her relationships and it damages society. Pornography increases loneliness, reduces one’s ability to love, is addictive, changes what persons are attracted to (many porn users find that they are aroused by things that used to disgust them or go against what they think is morally right), it negatively effects intimacy and sensitivity within a marriage and warps people’s idea of what a sexual relationship should be.
I object to public money being used to fund an event which shows and promotes pornography, and expect you to use your authority and influence as Secretary for Culture to do all that you can to ensure that no public funding is used for pornography and that groups which encourage/promote pornography will not receive Government funding in the future.
[Your Name]


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L8IN sexual-abuse scandal at an elite, New England prep school.

The most disturbing aspect of a


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Arrogant' music promoter 'bragged about knowing The Beatles before raped a 15-year-old schoolgirl at a Country music festival in the 1970s' 

  • Mervyn Conn, 81, accused of raping a 15-year-old girl he met at a festival
  • Bragged about knowing The Beatles before alleged sexual assault in 1970s
  • Accused of raping her in his marital bed while she wore her school uniform
  • Victim, now 56, broke down in tears as she recalled alleged abuse in court
  • Conn denies indecent assaults, rape and attempting to commit buggery  
An 'arrogant' music promoter bragged about knowing The Beatles before raping a 15-year-old schoolgirl he met at a country festival, a court heard today. 
Music mogul Mervyn Conn hired the girl to dress as a 'cowgirl' at a Country and Western festival he promoted at Wembley Arena in the 1970s, the court was told.
Conn, 81, name-dropped The Fab Four and Crystal Gayle to the girl before allegedly forcing himself on her while she wore a cowgirl outfit and her school uniform.
He then raped her in his marital bed in Wimbledon, south west London, while a picture of him and his wife sat on the nearby bedside, the court was told.
Music mogul Mervyn Conn (pictured outside Kingston Crown Court with a female companion today) hired the 15-year-old schoolgirl to dress as a 'cowgirl' at a Country and Western festival he promoted at Wembley Arena in the 1970s before allegedly raping her at his London home
Music mogul Mervyn Conn (pictured outside Kingston Crown Court with a female companion today) hired the 15-year-old schoolgirl to dress as a 'cowgirl' at a Country and Western festival he promoted at Wembley Arena in the 1970s before allegedly raping her at his London home
Conn is accused of flaunting his Rolls Royce (pictured in the car in this undated photograph) and expensive home to show how he 'could control, manipulate and do anything he wanted'
Conn is accused of flaunting his Rolls Royce (pictured in the car in this undated photograph) and expensive home to show how he 'could control, manipulate and do anything he wanted'
He is accused of flaunting his Rolls Royce and expensive home to show how he 'could control, manipulate and do anything he wanted'.
His alleged victim, now 56, told the court that she was left scared of him because he 'had this bouffant hair, smelt like cigars, looked almost like he was in the Mafia'.
She broke down in tears and became extremely distressed as she recalled the alleged abuse by Conn in a video-recorded police interview played to jurors.
She said she was employed by Conn as a hostess in 1976, and was made to hand out brochures to festival-goers while dressed in a cowgirl uniform.
She told the court today: 'I went to an interview at his head office and was shortlisted.He asked if my parents knew. I gave him my date of birth definitely.'
The teen was then called back to his office for a uniform fitting, where Conn asked her to 'give him a twirl'.
The woman said: 'I was working at this festival for a long weekend at Easter that year.
'I was standing near the entrance handing out brochures and he just appeared out of nowhere with a cloth bag and said 'I need you to look after this for me and bring it back to my dressing room', and gave me a time.
'I was by far the youngest member of staff.
'When the time came I took the money and found the dressing room. He was doing a press conference so I sat down and quietly waited.'
Conn, 81, was accompanied by a female companion as he left Kingston Crown Court today
Conn, 81, was accompanied by a female companion as he left Kingston Crown Court today
American music promoter Mervyn Conn (left) is seen with country singer Don Williams in 1982
American music promoter Mervyn Conn (left) is seen with country singer Don Williams in 1982
After the pack of photographers left, Conn allegedly took advantage of the girl in his dressing room, groping her breasts and forcing her to pleasure him for two or three minutes.
The victim said: 'It felt like an eternity. He just sort of dismissed me and said he will contact me again about the job.
'I stumbled out and felt in a daze and in turmoil. I remember seeing the stage, it was brightly lit. I just remember being in a complete daze
'Then I saw him standing in the VIP box with his wife in black tie.'
The alleged victim said she was telegrammed and asked to go to Conn's head office in Charing Cross, central London, on multiple occasions.
On the second visit to his office, the teen had taken a train to London after school, still dressed in her school uniform.
She said: 'There was a wad of money, he took some from that and the rest he put in a wall safe like he was showing it off.
'And he was talking about all these people he's promoted like he's the big 'I am.'
Conn  denies three counts of indecent assault, two counts of rape, and attempting to commit buggery on a girl under the age of 16
Conn denies three counts of indecent assault, two counts of rape, and attempting to commit buggery on a girl under the age of 16
Conn made the teen wait in his office as the rest of the staff left the building. She added: 'He poured himself a big drink and talked about many people like Crystal Gayle.'
Conn then ushered the girl to 'see what his desk chair felt like' and forced himself upon her yet again, the court heard.
She broke down in tears as she recalled him apparently unbuttoning her school blouse and sexually assaulting her.
She said: 'He put his hands up my skirt. He was forceful and aggressive. I felt slightly bruised and shocked. It seemed to happen quite quickly.'
She then told him she felt sick and added: 'It would have been really obvious I didn't want it.
'I was not responding to anything he was doing. It was obvious I wasn't reciprocating or enjoying it. I don't know what I said, I think 'I don't like this, please stop.'
'I was completely mystified as to why I was called there at all.
'He told me stuff about people how he owned the rights to The Beatles songs.
'He said a person wasn't alive because of a scratch on his Rolls Royce.'
On her third visit to his office she said Conn insisting on taking her home so he could show off his Rolls Royce.
But instead he took her to his gated house in wealthy Wimbledon and raped her, the court heard.
She said: 'I sat in the back thinking how ostentatious and showy it was.
'I hated it. It was like he was showing off his castle. I remember thinking it looked expensive but not classy - tacky.'
Conn took the teen to his double bedroom where there was a photograph of him and his wife and she said she asked him when he was going to take her home.
But he ordered her lie on his bed in a 'star shape' and raped her, the court heard.
Mervyn Conn, kissing his bride Laura Symonds, along with best man, comedian Bernie Winters
Mervyn Conn, kissing his bride Laura Symonds, along with best man, comedian Bernie Winters
Mervyn Conn (pictured in his Rolls Royce) allegedly raped the girl at his Wimbledon home
Mervyn Conn (pictured in his Rolls Royce) allegedly raped the girl at his Wimbledon home
She said: 'I didn't do anything to encourage him, I just completely numbed out.
'I felt like I was out of my body, like feeling struck dumb and I couldn't speak. I couldn't accept what was happening to me.'
Conn's wife sat in the public gallery as the jury saw the woman screaming in tears and leaving the courtroom.
When asked why she went back to see Conn, she said: 'I absolutely did not consent.
'I was scared of him and scared of what would happen if I didn't go.
'He was a dominating person, very egotistical. He had this bouffant hair, smelt like cigars, looked almost like he was in the Mafia.
'He just showed how powerful he was and how he could control and manipulate and do whatever he wanted.
'I had counselling when I was 26 and have had flashbacks and nightmares since - even my daughter has seen them.'
Conn, of Wimbledon, denies three counts of indecent assault, two counts of rape, and attempting to commit buggery on a girl under the age of 16.
The trial continues.  

David Icke - Two Decades On - Dunblane Questions Won't Go Away

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Leaked documents stink of gross abuse

Mahendra Sukhdeo – Kiwis remain marginalised-Mahendra Sukhdeo Web
One of the largest exposé of leaked documents containing graphic incident reports of atrocities on the asylum seekers in Nauru was published by Australia’s Guardian early this month (August, 2016). It has made headlines globally.
More than 2000 reports of about 8000 pages provide a chilling choreography of assaults, sexual abuse, self-harm and mental torture on the interns.
Although children represented only 18% of the detainees, more than 51% of the incidents appertained to them.
These findings arise on the back of a damning report by Channel Nine’s ‘Four Corners Programme’ that scripted the brutality meted to aboriginal juvenile detainees in Northern Territory.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had no option but to announce a Royal Commission to enquire into these allegations, but confined it to the Northern Territory whereas there were equally credible reports of abuse in other parts of the country.
The Nauru Files
The staff incident reports, cumulatively called the ‘Nauru Files’ comprise a cohort of banality such as death threats, sexual favours, physical exposures, snapping of voyeuristic pictures, self-harm and assaults.
They profile the indignation, desperation, molestation and exploitation suffered by the defenceless detainees.
The inhuman living conditions would appear to be identical with the detainees at Manus Island in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Reportedly, there are 442 asylum seekers in Nauru and 854 at Manus is inflicting an annual expenditure of A$ 1.2 billion.
It is estimated that the average cost of each detainee over the four years was approximately A$ 1 million.
Outsourcing Settlement
But the worst revelation refers to the deliberate failure of the governmental bureaucracy to respond to cases of abuse.
leaked-documents-stink-picture-by-the-guardian-webIn my last article (Indian Newslink, June 1, 2016), I had written that Australia had contracted out its national and international obligations by detaining almost indefinitely the asylum seekers in their ‘client states’ such as PNG and Nauru, both third world island nations. This callous policy has been a subject of constant criticism by the United Nations and other international organisations.
Further, by contracting out inspectorial and safety services to Broadspectrum (previously known as Transfield Services) and its sub-contractor Wilson Security, Australia has absolved itself from its governing role.
In fact, like some known business houses and politicians, Wilson Security headquartered in a safe haven does not have to pay the required tax in Australia.
In this regard, the Company is in the same league as the Australian Prime Minister himself.
No Passion or Compassion
Following the publication of Nauru files, 26 former ‘Save the Children’ workers and more than 1800 university academics across Australia petitioned the Government to end rigorous refugee regime. These pleadings don’t matter.
What has prompted Australia to abandon compassion and passion for humanity in favour of an iron-clad policy of blockade on refugee boats, denial of entry of the asylum seekers into Australia, detaining them indefinitely in off-shore detention centres under unchecked horrific conditions, silencing the refugee related critics and sanctioning billions of dollars of taxpayers till?
Mainstream Support
Undoubtedly, the policy has a broad mainstream support of the major two parties and is being championed by minor extremist fringe parties and interest groups. The return of Pauline Hanson would further galvanise the political and policy divide. Ironically, “stop the boats” is a political mantra in Australia.
Resulting from the PNG High Court ruling that the detention of refugees at Manus was illegal, Australia has now agreed to shut the despicable ghetto by April, 2017. There are now fervent pleas led by the Amnesty International for the refugees to be resettled in Australia. Would Australia show some mercy?
Failed Policy
The refugee policy is a failure in humanitarian, fiscal and diplomatic terms.
The Australian mainstream mindset would not allow any modification of the creed. It is a sad commentary, but I venture to hazard a guess that some would be financially induced to return home or settled in another developing country and the remaining refugees would be transferred to the notorious confines of the Christmas Island.
Global Inequity
Globally, the scale of distribution of refugees amongst the nations is pathetic. The six wealthiest countries, US, China, Japan, France and UK, which between them account for 60% of the world economy, host only 9% of the refugees (Oxfam Report).
In contrast, more than 50% of world’s refugees (about 12 million) live in Jordon, Turkey, Palestine, Pakistan, Lebanon and South Africa despite these countries making up only 2% of the world economy.
Once again, there is no level playing field. While the refugee crisis is a challenging problem of the new millennium, it is morally reprehensible that poorer countries and poorer people shoulder bulk of the responsibility for which they are not responsible.
The report card of the ‘UNHCR Global Trends 2015’ indicates that a record of more than 65 million people left their home due to violence, war and human rights violations, most of which was inflicted by the Western powers and their cohorts in the Middle East and Northern Africa.
The refugee deal between the EU and Turkey in March, 2016 and the continuing Australian policy of dumping refugees in poorer ‘client’ countries are evidence of the deflection of their moral compass.
Mahendra Sukhdeo is a writer, researcher and author of ‘Aryan Avatars.’ The second edition of the book has been printed by the University of the South Pacific and is available through its bookstore. The digital edition can be accessed through ‘Smashwords.’
Photo Caption: The expose of the Guardian (with this photograph) has ruffled feathers in Australia.

WILDCAT Crimonmogate: Two Stone Circles & an Obelisk

Crimonmogate: Two Stone Circles & an Obelisk



berrywp-1475237592467.jpgImage result for netherton stone circleImage result for netherton stone circle


Netherton Of Logie  {here}

Les hamilton’s stone circles of NE Scotland 
View both on   bing map  |  google map

“Many interesting stone-age and bronze age archaeological sites can be found nearby, including the eerie remains of the Palaeolithic Stone Circle of Lonmay, in a clump of trees in a field within a mile of the house.” SOURCE .
“The size of the circles varies, the largest being over 60 feet in diameter, the smaller ones less than 30. Parkhouse measures 50 feet. They are found all over the county, in the valley of the Dee, in the valley of the Don at Alford, Inverurieand Dyce, as well as in Auchterless, Methlick, Crimond and Lonmay. The Recumbent stone is invariably a feature of the larger circles.” SOURCE

wiki     wikivisually/Crimonmogate

Crimonmogate means the “road through the cow pasture by the peat moss” and the estate dates back to the 14th century. The road originally referred to is no longer in use but marks the edge of the southern perimeter of the current estate lands.[1] Alternative spellings can be Crimon-Mogat or Crimmond-Moggat.[2] There is a large stone circle on the estate.[3]

PDF Report On Stone Circles

logImage result for CRIMONMOGATE stone circleImage result for CRIMONMOGATE stone circle


Berrybrae  Images

Map Ref: NK0275957164  

Lat: 57.604474N   Long: 1.955492W


Image result for crimonmogatescreenshot_20160930-144332

Read in full ~ SOURCE 

Game Larder



Game Larder/Google/maps/Crimonmogate

Other Illuminating Crimonmogate Stuff!

Inside Crimonmogate
Love the floor & the stuffed dead animal! Actually, It’s obviously a deer, but it reminds me of Baphomet Pic 1 Source  SUN roof too…
Image result for CRIMONMOGATE Image result for baphomet head
{below} LOTS of pillars & mor of the nice masonic floor, these pics are from a wedding dress site so why are they all so creepy looking & why are half o them wearing masks?! There are more to see here


{L} Even the bathrooms have nice flooring! {R} But the masks just remind me of this… 
Image result for CRIMONMOGATEImage result for Charles Camilla Mask
In fact the whole lot is weird & reminds me of these…  {more found here}

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